5 Good Reasons Why You Might Want To Become A Vegetarian


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Being a vegetarian is hard and takes a lot of patience and commitment but with good reasons or goals it can be done.

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For sure, you know that eating lots of (or only) vegetables can bring good effect for your overall health and wellness. But aside from that, there are still more reasons that might influence you to become a full pledge vegetarian. Let’s take a good look at some of those reasons and see if any of them can turn you into a total vegetarian.

Being Earth Friendly
Well, if you will become vegetarian and eat lesser meat like pork or beef, lesser farm animals will be raised and taken care of. Meaning to say, lesser waste that might pollute waterways aside from the air pollution (because of the foul odor) it may bring. It might sound a bit exaggerated but it is one of the big reasons.

Live Longer
This one is a tested reason backed up by facts and evidence from health experts around the globe. Consuming lesser meat decrease the chance of dying early or developing cancer cells, being obese and suffering from heart failure. Vegetables, especially those fresh and organic ones, boost up the immune system drastically.

Cheaper Or Less Expensive Food
Being vegetarian means you will spend less on the food you eat. Most of the time, the cost of a vegetable dish is lesser than meat based ones. If you are going through or expecting a financial problem, going vegetarian might help in your daily budget.

Against Animal Slaughter
If you know PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and you want to support their cause and ideology, turning into a total vegetarian is the greatest support or help you can give to them. Why? You won't eat animal meat at all that lessens animal killings (at the slaughterhouses) around the globe.

Weight Loss
Aside from being healthy and living much longer than the average, loosing weight is one good and effective reason to consume vegetable heavy dish. It promotes weight loss since most veggies contains natural fat burning substances and great amount of fibers that helps regulate bowel movement.

If the above 5 reasons still can't make you eat more vegetables than usual, I don't know what else can. I know it's hard to become a full pledge or total vegetarian so don't force yourself. Just eat lots of veggies and it can really do wonders.

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