healthy food Competition

Step 1:

Register with (simple easy steps only email and password required).

Step 2:

Add a post (under category healthy food and add "competition2013" as tag )
but it must be original and related to the healthy food, as recipes, articles or tips to be approved.

Step 3:

Post it in our group wall. (just copy and past the link from (Foodlve Group Link).

Even we can post it for you, so dont worry about this step

Step 4:

Invite your friends to read it, and to write comments about it
(post it in your facebook wall, or market it as you wish).

You can see the approved participations so far, here Healthy Food Competition 2013

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The winner will be

The article that have the largest number of views within one week
(the views have to be real and unique, no refresh is allowed, our backed can dedicate the cheating refresh and will be removed from the competition).

The competition ends Jan 19, 2013

The winner will be announced using facebook group, and facebook page, and we will send him an email
( registered email) .

Any one can join and all countries over the world are welcome
Start now and win ....

If you dont want to post, just ask your friends to post !


Tips to market your post

- Use facebook wall and friends
- Use
- Use twitter

- Use tasteologie

- Use reddit
- Word of mouth
- Or your own blog





Last Winner

Amilia : Check Amalia Posts

The winner article : How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies

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